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ankoku_jin in b2bsketchdaily

Finally posting a stupid sketch!

I pooped this out in <10 minutes while I waited for my mom to get here, so there's a whole lot wrong with it. ^^;; Poor Audrey Hepburn. Click for bigger version; hosted on LJ's Scrapbook thing.

The top of her head needs to be a tad higher. Didn't quite catch her elfin little nose. Need actual rendering so you can see that those aren't age lines under her eyes, they're just squinched by emotion (ref pic was her receiving an Oscar, Google has a bunch of images from LIFE magazine and this caught my eye). Made up the left side of her face because I was too lazy to draw her hand and the Oscar. XD Overall effect ages the poor thing by about 20 years. ^^;;

Biggest thing for me is that I need to stop thinking that I know where things should be, and draw what's really there. Old habits die hard and we get stuck in patterns.



Really good Jenny!
Everything is where it should be.
Once you get down where everything is, sometimes, even when drawing from real life, you have to place things a little off so it looks better on paper - For me, it was especially that way when looking at a live model, because sometimes 3D- is hard to transfer into 2D.

Re: ^_^

Start shading! Bring out the lights and darks, and what's closer and farther away. The text book way is to have a T of light on her face and at the height of her cheeks, and everything else that's fading back gets darker.

January 2009

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