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Introduction and the ground rules

I know a lot of artists, and a lot of us want real, no-bullshit concrit. We also want some kind of accountability to make sure that we keep up with our sketching, because there's nothing like constant sketching to improve our art. I created this community to make a space for just those two things: daily sketching, and constructive criticism from fellow artists.

You don't have to sketch every day, I can't make you sketch every day. The hope is that seeing other people's sketches every day on your flist will encourage you to do the same. We're not talking about masterpieces here - a page full of noses is just as valid as a full-on street scene. One stupid sketch per day; how hard can it be, right? ;P

After the posting comes the concrit. The rules for concrit are simple:
  1. Don't be a dick. I should expect this one would be fairly obvious.
  2. Do be honest. We're not here to have our egos stroked (or stomped on). We're here for honest feedback to help us improve.
  3. Do be nice. Point out the good things as well; positive reinforcement helps us make the good things better.
  4. Don't be a baby. Just because your art needs some work doesn't make you a bad artist. Bad artists refuse to accept that their art needs work. Artists of all levels still have room to improve.
  5. Crit skill, not content. We're not here to judge the content of the work; merely its technical skill. Stick to that.
Hopefully this should all make sense to everyone; suggestions are welcome!

Now let's draw, bitches!! XD


Another one-

YOu should probably add the rule of-
6. Don't leave comments along the lines of- Awesome! or cool! They do not construct nor criticize. Make sure you comment with the intent of actual improvement.

January 2009

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