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Jan. 12th, 2009

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I would just like to say

that I have nothing to post.


One of my profs just offered to do an independent study with me on drawing organics and human forms. Somewhat coincidentally (NOT) I'm taking a class on "digital and networked storytelling and performance environments", aka, "computers + drama". Hm. I see lots of opportunities to draw people in my future.



Hey havent seen anyone post in awhile, Ive been pretty busy to draw but Ive had some downtime at work. This is less an effort to be correct and more a mesh of correctness and aesthetic. Or at least finding a happy medium.
Oh, chronologically the first drawing is the long skirt, second the short skirt and third the bare figure, which was my favorite.

Dec. 20th, 2008



Finally posting a stupid sketch!

I pooped this out in <10 minutes while I waited for my mom to get here, so there's a whole lot wrong with it. ^^;; Poor Audrey Hepburn. Click for bigger version; hosted on LJ's Scrapbook thing.

The top of her head needs to be a tad higher. Didn't quite catch her elfin little nose. Need actual rendering so you can see that those aren't age lines under her eyes, they're just squinched by emotion (ref pic was her receiving an Oscar, Google has a bunch of images from LIFE magazine and this caught my eye). Made up the left side of her face because I was too lazy to draw her hand and the Oscar. XD Overall effect ages the poor thing by about 20 years. ^^;;

Biggest thing for me is that I need to stop thinking that I know where things should be, and draw what's really there. Old habits die hard and we get stuck in patterns.

Dec. 14th, 2008



Male Faces

Ick, Im having massive problems remembering drawing men's faces, showing my progression this morning, it was aggravating, any pointers would be great. Im thinking just placement of everything isnt right the first time and its throwing me off.

Dec. 13th, 2008



Male Fat Side

Practicing different body types as per Jack's thoughts, while staying on the male study.

Dec. 12th, 2008




hey all.

Im Kit, and a friend of ankoku_jin! ^^

I've had some art class experience, mostly in figure drawing! While my own proportions may not always be correct, I have a pretty solid idea on how it all works, but always, ALWAYS room for improvement.

My own goals here are the hopes that I will be able to improve upon things such as perspective, mood, composition, and the like.

Drawing is fun for me, and I like to know what people think! Im always exicted to present a sketch, much like a 4 year old is eager to present his scribbles so they can be slapped on the fridge XD. So I look forward to critiquing and recieving criticism from you all :)



Male Torsos

Bit of figure study, focusing on the torso and continuing with my male only training.


Dec. 10th, 2008




Been drawing since I was like 9. Since Ive had a few art classes (Art Appreciation, Art History, Painting, 3 Years of Figure Drawing) Ive been drawing off and on since those classes, and forgot a lot of what I knew, so Back to Basics for me ^-^!

Hi All! Thanks Jenn!
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Not sure who all I will actually know other than ankoku_jin, so a few words of introduction.

I'm taking a year off work to go to design grad school after doing a couple of years of undergrad design classes. I currently draw-for-design, so most of what I'm doing is objects, but I'm taking tentative steps into drawing abstract humans and body parts. I have my final crits next week, so anything I submit before then is something I drew previously.

Dec. 9th, 2008



Introduction and the ground rules

I know a lot of artists, and a lot of us want real, no-bullshit concrit. We also want some kind of accountability to make sure that we keep up with our sketching, because there's nothing like constant sketching to improve our art. I created this community to make a space for just those two things: daily sketching, and constructive criticism from fellow artists.

You don't have to sketch every day, I can't make you sketch every day. The hope is that seeing other people's sketches every day on your flist will encourage you to do the same. We're not talking about masterpieces here - a page full of noses is just as valid as a full-on street scene. One stupid sketch per day; how hard can it be, right? ;P

After the posting comes the concrit. The rules for concrit are simple:
  1. Don't be a dick. I should expect this one would be fairly obvious.
  2. Do be honest. We're not here to have our egos stroked (or stomped on). We're here for honest feedback to help us improve.
  3. Do be nice. Point out the good things as well; positive reinforcement helps us make the good things better.
  4. Don't be a baby. Just because your art needs some work doesn't make you a bad artist. Bad artists refuse to accept that their art needs work. Artists of all levels still have room to improve.
  5. Crit skill, not content. We're not here to judge the content of the work; merely its technical skill. Stick to that.
Hopefully this should all make sense to everyone; suggestions are welcome!

Now let's draw, bitches!! XD